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AppShelf is a Palm OS5 Launcher designed by H. Imazeki.  This is a Japanese designed program.  This page is here to help in the translation of the text since the homepage is written in Japanese. 


If you have questions or comments regarding AppShelf feel free to contact me using the menu bar at the top of your browser.


You can "drag and drop" the minipad bar to different locations in the launcher.  

You can have the minipad at the top, middle, right, or left of your launcher.  Please Note:  Displaying the minipad bar to the right or left on devices, while using modules, may drop some of the application icons that you have setup on the minipad.



Choose your own background picture and add it to your launcher.  Each category can have its own icon layout settings.

Clicking the Options/Display menu will allow you to change the screens fonts, background colors, activated text color and many other display options.  

Choosing the Wallpaper menu will allow you to setup your custom background wallpaper.  You may need AppShelf Capture to "capture" your background image.






You can have sounds for different events such as shutdown, beam, delete.....etc.  

Simply upload your favorite sounds to your Palm and associate them with the events that you wish.  For example:  When you start an application you could have a particular sound, then on the stopping of that application you can have a different sound.

AppShelf will search a directory (by clicking import) on your external memory card for valid *.wav files that you can use for your sound events.



You simply have to drag and drop your applications to the various categories that you have defined .  This gives you better organization of the applications on your Palm.


AppShelf allows you to use add-on modules for increased functionality.  You can add a Calendar, DateBk, ToDo, both Analog and Digital clocks, Iconpad, and Clips of pictures.    Tap a module and the settings menu will appear for that particular module.  You can define many variables, in many cases: the color of the text, background colors for the modules, etc.....

You can associate your favorite apps with the DateBk and To-Do modules.  For Example:  Associating Datebk5 with the DateBk module will open Datebk5 when you click on an appointment on your home screen. 


Using AppShelf you can set your home button to always open up on your application categories.  Under the menu selection Operate, simply check the box by "home button assigned to category select".

You can also drag your category folders to your minipad bar.  If you had a favorite category that you frequently find yourself going to, simply drag that category down to your minipad.  Now its always readily accessible. 


With AppShelf you can add application specific categories.  Such as:  DA, Crs, McJPEG, McText, Pook, PookPlus, and many others.  This will categorize these specific applications.

The option of categorizing DA's is one of the many new features in 0.6b.


AppShelf works great with 320x320 devices and even better with 480x320 devices.  I previously had a TungstenT (320x320) and recently acquired a Sony UX-50.  I have to admit that AppShelf was designed with the UX series in mind.




** AppShelf 1.0.4 **

Updated 2/04/04

AppShelf Version 1.0.4 has been released today. 

Various bug fixes.  

Many more features are explained in detail at the AppShelf Homepage.


For an explanation of getting the clipper feature to work within AppShelf, CLICK HERE.

The author states in the readme file of the Sample Frames download from his site that there is currently no Skin maker system available.  He does state that you will have to use a resource editor, using a sample frame, to modify the images in your skins.  You can use Constructor which comes with Code Warrior to modify the resources.


Here is a Frame that I made for AppShelf.  AppShelf_Somber.  Updated 12-02-03  This update adds icons for DA's added in 0.6b version of AppShelf.  Also updated and changed other icons within.



AppShelf- Main Program

AppShelf_Clipper- Allows Thumbnails of pictures in the clip module.

AppShelf_Capture- Allows Background images.



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